Birthsong Childbirth Education & Support Services


Birthsong is the result of the passionate pursuit to deprogram the Western culture's dehumanization of the childbirth process. Created by Jennifer Ayers, licensed nurse, certified childbirth educator, doula, and student of midwifery, the goal of Birthsong is to expose obstetric myths, reveal the hidden truths of pregnancy and birth, and offer women the knowledge to empower themselves when making informed decisions regarding their bodies before, during and after pregnancy and childbirth.

It is the philosophy of Birthsong that pregnancy and birth are sacred events in a woman and a family's life and unless there is a valid medical reason, women and babies should not be subjected to "routine" tests and procedures by the medical establishment. Pregnancy and birth are normal states of being and not to be viewed as a time of illness or disease. When a woman is able to trust in her body to give birth, which it was perfectly designed to do without assistance or interference, she is able to fully experience the sacred femininity within her and the awesome power of birth.

Birthsong Childbirth Education & Support Services is here to offer information, education and resources for childbearing women as well as professional labor assistance for hospital or home births.